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Original Antique Maps and Prints from LINDISFARNE PRINTS

We offer an eclectic mix of fine antique maps and prints to satisfy the needs of collectors, academics, history lovers and interior designers. Call them vintage, antique, antiquarian, historic, collectable, or just plain old, they will grace your home with conversation pieces to be admired and cherished for decades ahead. Genuine antique maps and prints have a timeless quality unmatched by the transience of modern reproductions. Buy the real thing, right here, probably for much less than you think!

Lindisfarne Prints is a small family business specialising in genuine antique maps and vintage prints at affordable prices. Established in 1995 and trading online since 2000, we pride ourselves on accurate descriptions, good communications, rapid service and fair prices. To avoid confusion, no item less than 100 years old is ever offered for sale. We do not deal in reproductions, facsimiles or modern copies of any kind.

Old Antique Maps from Lindisfarne Prints

A warm welcome to LindisfarnePrints,home to a truly wonderful selection of fine antique maps and prints from all over the world. Lindisfarne Prints is no newcomer to selling these wonderful pieces of history as we were established back in 1995. However it was not until the turn of the century that we made the move to selling our lovely old maps and highly collectible prints via the internet. Since then we have been able to share our love of these wonderful historical records with an even larger audience.

We are able to supply a wide range of prints and maps with an emphasis on topographical subjects relating to Britain as well as the rest of Europe and beyond, including the USA, Africa, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Asia and all corners of the world. We also have a fine selection of other subjects including Natural History, Military and Maritime prints.

And of course, it should be strongly emphasised that these are guaranteed to be authentic antique prints and vintage maps. This means that they are all at least 100 years old. So when you buy something from Lindisfarne Prints, you can be sure that is not only a beautiful print or map but that it is a genuine antique of which you can be proud.

So please buy with confidence in the safe knowledge that authenticity is unfailingly assured.

Antique Maps and Prints as Gifts.

A significant proportion of our sales are intended as gifts and are reported as extremely well received. A perfect gift is one with a special connection to the recipient and antique maps or antique prints can fit the bill perfectly.

Here's a few tips on what to choose for that special person.

How about an antique map of their home county or country of origin? Go to our British Isles maps category which is subdivided county by county.

Or maybe an antique print of the church in which they were married would be suitable. An antique map of their country of origin perhaps? Boat enthusiasts delight in antique sea charts and a gardener would enjoy one of our botanical prints. 

Nature lovers would certainly appreciate an antique bird print, and anglers cherish antique prints of fish.

An antique map of a favourite holiday destination could be appropriate too, as would a  map or street plan of their home town.

If your buying for someone who is already an avid collector then find out what their special area of interest may be. Whatever you choose will be perceived as a thoughtful and unusual gift which will be guaranteed to put smiles on faces.

Antique Map Collecting

Collecting antique maps is an absorbing and rewarding hobby. One of the main attractions of course is noting the topographical changes that have occurred over the centuries and an antique map of an area you are familiar with is especially interesting. Most collectors have a theme to their collection and many enthusiasts collect maps of their home county or country of origin. Others prefer to collect examples from  specific cartographers. If you choose one of the earlier mapmakers such as Blaeu, Speed, Saxton, Mercator, Ortelius or Jannson you have a long term and expensive project on your hands. Antique maps by Kitchen, Moule, Morden or Cary may suit a less generous budget.

You may prefer to go for a specfic genre such as antique sea charts, road maps, street plans or miniature maps. The choice is yours but whatever the theme you can enjoy the process of collecting whilst at the same time congratulating yourself on having also made a wise long term financial investment. An antique map collection can be easy to store too, but I would always prefer to see mine framed and displayed to be enjoyed and cherished.