Birds Original Antique Prints inc. Gould, Lizars, Morris etc.

Antique Bird Prints. If you have ever spent a little time studying the incredible paintings and prints made of wildlife created before the advent of colour photography, you will have noticed that these images possess a beautiful artistic character all of their own. Our stunning collections of bird prints illustrate this point perfectly. What is lost in the clinical precision of a digital image is delivered aesthetically in a fine bird engraving. Stock may vary but we usually offer fine examples by Gould, Jardine, Keuelemans, Morris or Bechstein.The prints are not just aimed at twitchers but at anyone who appreciates stunning artistry over the exacting science of modern photography. The wide variety of prints we have here at Lindisfarne Prints include hand coloured lithographs, engravings and chromolithographs and we just know that anyone who wants to add a beautiful natural touch to their home will have found the perfect solution right here. Take a look at these quite beautiful prints and you may find it hard to resist investing in one or more.
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Showing 1 - 48 of 95 products


by Benjamin Fawcett

for "British Game Birds and Wildfowl" by Beverley R. Morris

Published by Groombridge and Sons, London 1855

An original coloured woodblock engraving of the Pochard.

From a first edition of "British Game Birds and Wildfowl" published by Groombridge & Sons, London 1855

A fine example of Benjamin Fawcett's wonderful bird illustrations in the original unfolded larger format.

Not be confused with the smaller prints by Beverley's brother, Rev. F.O.Morris or indeed the many reproductions available.

Fine clean condition, free of repairs or restoration. The superb original colouring remains bright and fresh.

A most attractive bird print, perfect for framing.

Approx. 12" x 9.5" (310mm x 240mm) overall on heavy grade paper, blank verso, not folded.