These highly detailed town and city street plans were drawn up in 1832 by RK Dawson to update all the town boundaries in the country. A major revision of the parliamentary representation of the country was under way and these maps were intended as definitive records of the boundaries.

They make a fascinating account of each town and when compared with the much expanded present day urban sprawl they highlight the explosion of development which has taken place in the last 187 years.

In many cases the original town is almost village like compared to the present day


The original hand colouring adds to the visual appeal of these excellent examples which are not to be compared with the many folding editions currently on the market. These are all large paper format without folds, and therefore devoid of the usual offsetting so often seen.


A fine set of large format copper engraved German maps by Adam Gaspari, available for most parts of the world.
Published in the very early 19th century with original hand colouring on top quaity paper.

Unless stated otherwise each is in fine, clean unmarked condition ready to frame up.







We are pleased to add a number of fine Blaeu maps of the counties of England and Wales from a 1662 atlas.

All come with very attractive original hand colouring and other than a few minor blemishes where stated are in excellent condition.


A nice set of Thomas jefferys maps have just been added to our inventory and definitely worth a look with their attractive hand colouring and decorative cartouches.

africa1 east indies a1 asia1 china1 europe5


Illustrated maps are always a highly decorative choice for display and Alexander Fullarton’s maps are a perfect example of the genre. His iconic British Empire map is one of the best known and most widely reproduced maps on the market and we are pleased to present an excellent example for those who rightly prefer an original.
The other maps from his Royal Atlas are equally desirable and even those without illustations benfit from a most attractive pastel colouring to lift them well above the ordinary.
british empire1 sw ports1 british 1 russian emp1 south america1


guinee egypte curdistan

We have a wide ranging collection of maps and prints from Mallet’s “Description of the Universe”
Published in 1719 they include fascinating images and maps of every corner of the globe known in the early 18th century.
The miniature size of these interesting little copper engravings make them highly affordable both to purchase and frame for display.

rhodes amorgo arabie-ancienne guinee mogols palmiers nile-crocodile roy-et-reine


Our Essex county category is currently being expanded with a number of new additions covering from East London to the coast

dedham ingatestone southend-from-terrace bow chelmsford barking prittlewell tilbury.

Very affordable examples from Longman & Co.’s Excursions in Essex present very well and will fit nicely into a standard 10″ x 8″ frame.


Miniature maps are always popular and easy to display or store. We are currently listing several hundred coloured and uncoloured maps by Bertius from the 1606 and 1618 editions of his atlas, the Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum.
These are all top grade examples to enhance any collection.
The colouring where applied is of the highest standard and these are especially pleasing to the eye.
Most of the maps were engraved by Hondius or Van den Keere although only a few are credited as such.
Unlike some examples, the text verso is unobtrusive with only minimal bleed-through and usually but not exclusively related to the map. If you can find better copies at ANY price I would snap them up!

globus guinea nova-zemlae provence virginia nova-guinea brasilia zeelandiaperu


JUT LISTED: An excellent set of Cooke’s superb maritime prints. These are near perfect examples of these sought after ship prints from the golden age of sail.
dutch galliotgravesendfrigatepeter

Town and Country Magazine

We are pleased to be featured in the current issue of the glossy coffee table Town and country magazine on sale now.
See us on page 71 if you are interested! The TOWN section of the magazine displays a few inexpensive examples but here is some thing a little better. Check out these wonderful Casper Commelin prints of Amsterdam.

de groot zee2


ooster kerk1

damstel 2

oude kerk1


When the old London Bridge deteriorated to the point of collapse a replacement bridge was sought by holding a grand competition in 1799 for the best design. The architects of the day submitted their plans and John Rennie of course eventually won the day. There were some fascinating other entries however and we are pleased to offer fine original engravings of the plans submitted to the house of Commons by Telford, Dance, Wyatt and others. They make for a fascinating talking point when displayed, as well as a valuable record of architectural thinking at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.
stone32 1

cast iron53 1

double45 1

stone32 2

bentham56 1

JOHN GOULD bird lithographs

John Gould along with Audubon must rank as one the most sought after Victorian bird illustrators.
Gould’s superb hand coloured lithographs make highly decorative items for display and we have a number of examples on offer from his Birds of New Guinea, Birds Of Great Britain, Birds of Australia and Birds of Europe.
The colouring on these prints needs to be seen in the flesh to appreciate fully as the depth of colour achieved by heightening the tones with areas of gum arabic varnish is not picked up in photography.
large rufous2

banded stilt2


large rufous2


Superb fish prints by Edward Donovan

Edward Donovan. (1768 – 1837) was a notable zoologist, illustrator and author of a number of successful works on Natural History including fish, insects, birds and shellfish. He was also the proprietor of the London Museum and Institute of Natural History
His exquisite fish prints are among the best available for both aesthetic appeal and faithful accuracy of colouring and detail.
We had trouble capturing the full splendour of these prints on camera as part of the effect is created by the use of a gum arabic varnish which highlights the colours in parts of each engraving. This really displays the silvery sheen created by the fish’s scales and makes for an extremely lifelike impression.
They are perfect for anglers, interior designers and naturalists. I am none of these- I just love them for what they are!!


liverpool2londonThe John Rapkin street plans from Montgomery Martin’s atlas are among the most sought after of 19th century street maps. Wonderful detail street by street and illustrated with fine steel engraved vignettes. We have currently a wide selection of these iconic maps including the double page editions all in excellent condition.
dublin dublin4


19th Century Paris Fashion Plates

These gloriously coloured original chromolithographs and hand coloured prints make highly decorative display prints for interior design projects.
Originally published in regular periodicals such as Les Modes Parisienne to woo Victorian ladies of substance into purchasing the latest creations of the Paris fashion houses.

ballparis opera834829848842856


Anna Maria Hussey published these very attractive chromolithographs in 1878 and they are of considerable interest to mycologists but equally are most decorative and appealing prints for display. Ther are many to choose from and well worth a look.

ag procerus ag volemum ag georgiia pileolarius boletus edulis

W.T Greene’s superb parrot lithographs

These handsome hand coloured Parrot lithographs from W.T.Greene’s “Parrots in Captivity” are extremely eye catching decorative prints, well sized for framing and display.
blue yellowbeautifulhyacinthinesenegalred and bluemilitarypale headedyellow rumped

These beautiful prints were engraved by Benjamin Fawcett after A.F.Lydon
and Published London 1884 by George Bell & Sons in “Parrots in Captivity” by W.T.Greene.
Fine lithographed plates from Greene’s definitive guide for Victorian parrot keepers, exhibiting an exquisite blend of colour printing with added hand colour, heightened in places with gum arabic. The original colours remain bright and fresh. Wonderful prints for framing and display.

Unless otherwise stated all are in fine, virtually unmarked condition.
approx. 10″ x 6.5″(250mm x 160mm) overall.


Just in and about to appear are a fine selection of excellent street plans and prints from Maitland’s London pub/ 1756.
Just a few examples here to whet your appetite:
london parliament


london parliament2



Now available covering a huge range of world-wide locations. Fine miniature maps, bird’s eye views and prints. All are 1719 editions in excellent condition. A few examples are weaker impressions, but highly collectable nonetheless. Just enterrmallet in the search box to browse through the whole collection or of course refine your search to specific locations.

Mallet 1719 just aquired

Look out soon for numerous listings of maps and prints of all corners of the globe from Allain Manessson Mallet’s “Beschreibung des Ganzen Welt Kreisses…” published 1719.
These are currently being cleaned and prepared and will appear here over the coming weeks.

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