NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Original Antique Maps

Antique maps of Northamptonshire. Click any image to enlarge.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products


Drawn up by Lieutenant Robert Kearsley Dawson of the Royal Engineers,the map bears his facsimile signature, and published for the Boundaries Commission 1832 . The country was surveyed by the commision in support of the 183...

A correct map of

Published by T.Osborne, J.Robinson, D.Browne, W.Johnson, J.Hodges, P.Davey, A.Miller & B.Law
London 1748 in "Geographie Magnae Brittaniae"
A fine copper engraved mid 18th century county ...

J. & C. Walker
Published by Longman, Rees & Co. London 1858 in "The British Atlas".
An attractive and decorative county map of Northamptonshire with original hand colouring. Features a scale of English ...

by Archibald Fullarton
Published Glasgow circa 1830
An attractive antique county map of Northamptonshire enhanced by hand colouring. The map also features a vignette engraving of Northampton, a reference to the hundred...