Historic Maps

The comforts of 21st century travel are a world away from the rigours suffered by our ancestors but the spirit of adventure is still not lost. Just as we find our way around with our GPS generated digital maps our ancestors had to manage with woefully inaccurate engraved maps. To compare the modern equivalent with a historic map from hundreds of years ago is an absorbing and fascinating pastime which will reward hours of close examination. Enjoy tracing the changes in place names over the centuries and observe how one time isolated villages become swallowed up by ever expanding towns and cities.

Lindisfarne Prints stock a huge range of antique maps and these really are some of the most fascinating historical records that you could ever own. They are true antiques, too, meaning that they are all at least 100 years old. 

Of course, there is a more down to earth explanation as to why we love maps from years gone by. It is that they simply look so wonderful.They are like slices of history, the like of which it is impossible to replicate in anything else. Grace your home with beautiful antique maps and prints for a classy, rich and sophisticated look which by definition can never, and I mean NEVER look outdated!