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WIMBLEDON RAYNES PARK KINGSTON Vintage London Street Plan Antique Map c1910


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An Original Vintage Map of


Published Fleet Street London & Church Street Liverpool circa 1910 by George Philip & Son


" Philip's Handy - Volume Atlas of London"

A highly detailed, large scale, (divided into half mile squares ) colour printed map of this part of London.

The exceptional detail includes railway stations such as Coombe & Malden ( now known as New Malden) and Raynes Park. Caesar's Camp , King's College School and virtually every street is also clearly named.

The map was printed in two separate halves which have been conjoined using archival tape ( neutral pH) on the reverse side. There are unrelated maps printed on the back .

Fine, virtually unmarked condition .

Please view a further close up image.

Measuring approx. 8 " x 7" (200mm x 180mm) overall.

Eminently suitable for framing.


T41 3 18


George Philip (1800-1882) born in Aberdeenshire, started his first map selling business in Liverpool in 1834. His son, also George (1823-1902) joining the firm in 1848. They did not survey and engrave their own maps, instead using cartographers such as Bartholomew.

The first edition of this atlas was first published in 1891 .

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